Postal strike ended but delays in mail deliveries expected

The rotating strikes by Canada Post employees have come to an end, but there may still be delays in mail delivery.

Our Clinic staff continues to mail out non-urgent items at this time. If you have any concerns, please call us.

Phone: (416) 340‒5145

Fax: (416) 340‒5004


A note of caution about sending emails to the Dalglish Clinic:

Please use email for administrative issues only. If you have any medical or clinical concerns, please talk to clinic staff members in person.

Email is not a secure method of communication. If you wish to send sensitive information (including, but not limited to, information about your health), please use the telephone or fax machine.

The Dalglish Clinic cannot be held responsible if information is lost or stolen when you send emails to us.

Thank you for your understanding.