A Successful Family Conference

The 3rd Annual 22q11.2 Family Conference was held on November 12th & 13th at the Hospital for Sick Children. The keynote speaker, Quinn Bradlee, discussed his life with 22q. Amy Baskin held a workshop on parent care. She ensured parents that they are the best they can be for their children when they take care of themselves first. Various medical professionals and social workers who routinely work with patients with 22q11.2DS also provided great strategies and suggestions on how parents can address various areas of this syndrome.

There were 97 parents/grandparents or caregivers, 29 teens, and 29 kids who participated in the weekend. The families left with some new tools and strategies to use at home, additional information on the syndrome and most left with new friends that they can reach out to when they want some advice or just someone to listen. The 2017 Family Conference has been scheduled for November 11th-12th, 2017. Please watch for further details to become available.

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